Your Questions answered

If you are still unsure or have any concerns at all, please do feel free to get in touch and we can schedule a call.

I know as a new mum it can be quite overwhelming as well as exciting. I know there may be many things you may be worried about or concerned with when it come's to
your new baby and I want to help alleviate any concerns you may have of having your new baby photographed.

I have put together some common questions and concerns new parents may have.

I'm still not sure, I am a little nervous about what to expect!

The arrival of your baby is an exciting time & coming along for your newborn session is an exciting experience for new parents also. Along with excitement I know sometimes we feel a little nervous or unsure, you are always welcome to pop along for a look around the studio, have a chat, a drink & a slice of cake. I am more than happy to go through exactly what happens & you can choose any props or colours that you love before hand. If you prefer to have a chat over the phone that's not a problem. Its my job to not only make sure you have amazing photographs, but that you enjoy your session and feel relaxed and happy.

What if my baby wee's or poo's?

Please do not worry, I am used to and expect the odd accident, it really isn't a problem, I am quite used to it. Baby will have nappy on for most of the images anyway
and you are welcome to use the baby change unit should baby need changing.

What if my baby arrives early or late?

I always allow for this so please do not worry, babies very rarely arrive on their due date, I only take on a certain amount of due dates per month to allow for this
so as long as you keep me updated there is no need to worry.

What if there are complications & I have to delay?

If you have to spend a period of time in hospital, please do not worry, I am very experienced with photographing & handling babies
so if you do go over the ideal 2 week time frame, it does not mean you still can not have beautiful images of your new baby.

Can I bring an older brother or sister?

Yes absolutely, although I do suggest they come along towards the end of the session

Can we be in some of the photos?

Yes of course any parent, family or sibling photos are done at the end of the session, please just let me know on your booking
that you would like this

Session time, what can I expect?

Always best to allow for around 2 hours, this isn't 2 hours of me photographing your baby, its time to settle, feed, cuddle
During this time, I will pose your baby safely on the beanbag and I will also use around 2-3 props as well, your baby will never be forced into a position, because I know all babies are different and not all babies like or do the same thing. I will never do a very popular pose amongst newborn photographers what is known as "The Froggy Pose" because it is dangerous, it can damage the baby's wrists and damage baby's hips, so you will never see me do this with your baby.
I will always work with your baby!

What if I would like a personal piece, what do I need to do?

If you would like me to create a personal piece which is extra special to you, I can create that for you. It might be a colour, baby's name, a story, an experience, it could be anything that holds true meaning and importance to you. Together we would work out what that is, before baby arrives and I would then create a one o a kind piece just for you.
Do I need to do anything to prepare for my session?
On booking you will receive a welcome guide, which will contain your pre session prep, if you have any questions please always feel free to get in touch

What if my baby will not settle?

I am a very experienced newborn photographer, so please try not to worry if baby does not play ball, it is very rare that I am unable to get the images I want for you, all baby's are different, so I will always work with your baby. I am used to soothing and getting baby's back to sleep, so you can sit back, relax & enjoy the experience. If for what ever reason baby would absolutely not settle than I would arrange the session for another time.

What about products, do I need to decide now? How will I choose?

I offer some of the best quality products that are available to photographers, these will become heirloom products, they are made to last. You do not need to decide on your product choice until after your session, all of the products are available to view at the studio. Many come with a digital copy also, so you have the best of both. I do not believe in hard sales, I will always advise you on the best option for you & help you choose.

What if I love all my images but can't afford them all right now?

As a mum first, photographer second, I know just how important these images are, I also know babies are expensive, new pram, new cot! But it's not the new buggy or new cot that you will look back on in 20 years time, that will make you smile, make you cry & give you the amount of joy that your newborn photographs will.
I have never had a parent regret coming to me for newborn photographs, only regret not coming!

I do have a wide range of choice, and no Im not the cheapest photographer there is because I am highly experienced and qualified & offer only the best for your baby & you,
that is what matter's to me.
That said my prices are extremely good value for the quality of images you will receive. I will never overwhelm you with a ton of images & I will always honestly advise
you on the best options for you.

You are always welcome to pay in 3 instalments, my prices range from £399-£999 for my ultimate VIB Collection which really does give you the best of the best.


It is advised to book your due date in as soon after your 20 week scan as possible, if your having a baby shower or family & friends want to buy you gifts, why not ask for a contribution to your images, you are welcome to load up as little or as much as you want on a credit from booking up to the session, so your friends can get In touch with your details and add what ever amount they would like to your session.

Safe in Daddy's hands!

"My baby arrived 5 weeks early and I was very neurotic about keeping him safe. Because he was soooooo teeny I was a bit apprehensive about the photoshoot that I had previously desperately wanted. However there was absolutely no reason to have been apprehensive at all.
Deana was amaaaaazing with him, she was brilliant and handling him, making me and him feel at ease and was like a real life baby whisperer.
I expected to go to a photographer but did not expect that she would be so brilliant with him. I would 100% recommend this photographer and will definitely use her again in the future." Emma

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Deana for taking some beautiful pictures of our Amelia! I was really nervous about taking her because it was one of our first outings since she was born, but Deana made the whole experience very comfortable and relaxed!" X Alice