I'm a little worried about how safe my baby will be!

Your baby's safety and comfort are paramount to me. I can assure you that your baby's safety will never be compromised.

I have been awarded a 3rd newborn safety certification for my safe practices and knowledge of the safe posing of newborns.

The newborn photography is currently unregulated, what this means is that anyone with a camera can call themselves a newborn specialist. That's really scary right?

When you see photographers offering very cheap services this is often the reason why, I have invested heavily in training and being qualified, I train every year, I don't really need to but I do. Why? So I know Im giving my clients the best service and because your baby is important to me.

I work with your baby and will never force baby into a pose, there are certain poses that I will not do as I believe they are not safe, so even if a client asks me to do it, I wont.

If I don't think your baby will do a certain pose or I believe its not safe for any reason, I will tell you and I will not do that pose.

That is how seriously I take my responsibility to you and your baby.

Did you know I offer Zoom Consultations?

You can meet me virtually, go through any questions or concerns you may have & we can even plan out your session together!

Now I know some clients may think well if I am paying I should be able to have what I want and that's fine, it just means I am not the photographer for you.

I love photographs but I am not going to risk injury to your baby just to get the shot.

Your baby is always supported in certain poses, and I will take 3 or sometimes 4 images and put them together to create the same effect, some photographers don't do this. Why? Because it saves time in editing, well I would rather spend 40 mins editing 1 image than risk your baby's safety.

Newborn photography when done properly with a specialist trained and qualified newborn photographer is a wonderful experience and your baby will always be safe.

I feel better now I know that, can I check availability for my due date?

I am super pleased to announce I have just been awarded my 3rd newborn safety certification!

I have been awarded 3 of these in the 3 years that it has been introduced & I really do pride myself on achieving this, so you know your baby's safety is my number 1 priority.