I'm a little worried about how safe my baby will be!

It is perfectly normal to want to ensure your baby is always safe and I can assure you that when you come along to either of my studios, Your baby will always be safe, as the safety of your baby above everything else is my
NO 1 priority.

I have invested in myself and my business to have a high level of training, which along with my experience of photographing hundreds of newborns
means I know exactly how to capture beautiful photographs while always keeping baby safe and comfortable.

The newborn photography industry is currently unregulated, what this means is that anyone with a camera can call themselves a newborn specialist.

That's really scary right?

I have been awarded my third newborn safety certification for my safe practices and knowledge of the safe posing of newborns.

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So how do I keep your baby safe?

I work with your baby and will never force baby into a pose, there are certain poses that I will not do as I believe they are not safe, so even if a client asks me to do it, I wont.

If I don't think your baby will do a certain pose or I believe its not safe for any reason, I will tell you and I will not do that pose and continue on with something else.

I will listen out for your baby's cues, are they hungry? Do they have trapped wind? Babies will let me know in their own little way and it is important that I listen to your baby's cues and work with them.

My props are checked to ensure they are safe, I use a spotter(often dad) to sit by baby at all times, I use lots of alpaca furs as they are hypoallergenic.

I communicate throughout your session, so you know exactly what I am doing and why.

I won't ever leave your baby unattended and I handle your baby as if
they are my own,

I will never, ever hang your baby from anything or take risks.

Photography isnt always what it seems.

Photographs where you see baby hanging, or in parents hands or resting in a bucket supporting their own head, should be done as a composite image, so baby is always safe. What this means is that baby's head is always supported, baby is never hung from anything or lifted above the ground in an unsafe way,

Your baby is always supported in certain poses, and I will take 3 or sometimes 4 images and put them together if needed.

Newborn photography when done properly with a specialist trained and qualified newborn photographer is a wonderful experience and your baby will always be safe.

The above image is an example of a composite image.
Dad wanted to include his skateboard, so the safe and correct way to do this
is two separate images which you then put together. Baby was super cosy on my big newborn beanbag and never on the skateboard.

So how does a newborn certification work?

To gain a newborn certification you have to provide evidence of safe practices in your studio as well as evidence of safe posing techniques.
You need to show that you have an absolute understanding of baby safety not just in terms of posing and using props but that you are aware of baby cues and what to look out for.

Insurance documents as well as evidence of training are required.
You also need to have passed an initial professional level of photography to be
able to even apply.

I feel better now I know that, can I check availability for my due date?