Your bump experience, what it's really like!

The biggest thing I have learnt over the years of photographing bumps is that its so much
more than just a photo or a memory.

Now don’t get me wrong I am always talking about capturing our forever memories
but a bump shoot does so much more.

It’s a transformation, a process, its some much deserved you time, it’s a confidence booster
an empowering, uplifting experience.

Through my bump shoots I have managed albeit unbeknown to me at the time, to give my clients
confidence, self worth, self love and for some completely change how they feel about themselves and their body.

I know pretty amazing right.

Its also a time to connect with your bump, because we are all different and so our pregnancy
journeys are different, whilst others find pregnancy easy and love every minute, some of us not so much.

A bump shoot will capture the start of your journey with your new baby & document this stage in your life beautifully.

It’s a personal documentation of your life, your new adventure & what will be your history.

​​​​​​When I first started photographing bumps, I wont lie, I didn't really enjoy it, but that was because in those very early days
I hadn't found my style
Mums to be were happy with their photographs but I wanted to provide more, it felt like something was missing.

So I decided to change what I was doing, I wanted it to be more than just a few photographs.
So I changed the style and the lighting to make it all about bump and the connection mum has with her bump.
I invested in some fabrics and outfits for mums who may be more
conscious and nervous than others and created a calm and relaxing experience for mums to be to feel and look just wonderful.

Roll on 3 years later I had never could of imagined the impact these sessions would of had on some of my lovely clients.

"I loved every minute and felt so comfortable. The room had a spa like feel, really relaxing, but more importantly Deana was super warm and friendly and made me feel instantly at ease. It felt completely natural. When I left I felt elated, I could not wait to see the photographs and left on such a high. I had so much fun, trying on different bits and showing off my bump"

Helen, from Lincolnshire

"It has been a difficult year with the pandemic and I just didn't feel like I'd had the time to enjoy my pregnancy or embrace my changing body.
I might never be pregnant again so this was some time for me and some self care. Contrary to what I thought, I really did enjoy my session.
​​​​​​​ I was ridiculously nervous before my session with Deana as a photoshoot is something I had never done before and it was completely out of my comfort zone. She was fantastic at reassuring me and told me exactly what I needed to bring. I really liked that she wanted me to be as comfortable as possible, so I would come across as myself. The studio was homely and welcoming and I felt instantly at ease. Deana was fantastic at instructing me how to stand and was very positive and engaged throughout which made me feel more confident. I really did enjoy the session and felt for the 1st time during my pregnancy that I was able to connect with my bump and actually enjoy my pregnancy. I would highly recommend this experience to any other mums to be, even if its something they have never considered before. Thank you Deana.

Lucinda, from Lincolnshire

So what can I expect?

You will be at the studio around 45 mins to an hour, I do love a natter so we may run slightly over
You only really need 1 pair of nice undies, I have everything we need, so you don't even have to worry about buying anything special
I am going to show you exactly where and how to stand, all you need to do is copy me and follow my simple instructions
You can choose from some of my outfits & dresses as well
You don't need to look at me & give me any cheesy smiles, but you will smile
You will surprise yourself at how much you enjoy it

Can I find out more

I love to see the transformation when my clients walk
through the studio door.
A little nervous, not sure what to expect, not feeling very confident, to completely confident and empowered with their body.

A bump shoot is your session, your time, a time to look and feel amazing in your new body.

More Kind words

"My prenatal photo experience with Deanna was absolutely wonderful and so empowering, I truly cannot recommend this experience enough to any mum to be.

I found out I was pregnant in April, right in the middle of the first national lockdown after a long & difficult journey to conceive and throughout my whole pregnancy we have been in and out of lockdowns and varying restrictions meaning that I feel like I haven’t been able to share my pregnancy with loved ones & closest friends. I have, however, absolutely loved watching my pregnant body change and grow our baby. It genuinely has been the most magical experience and by having a prenatal photo shoot with Deanna these moments have been captured in the most special & flattering way that I will truly treasure forever.

I have never had any professional photos taken at all other than the dreaded school photos & graduation photos which were absolutely awful and the most awkward experience ever. I am not naturally a photogenic person and will shy away from a photo or selfie if at all possible, so making the decision to have prenatal photos taken was a big one for me as they are very personal & intimate but I came away from my photo session with Deanna absolutely buzzing with self confidence & excitement that she had captured one of the most special times in my life in such a tasteful & artistic way whilst making me feel so comfortable despite being stood in my underwear at 36 weeks pregnant.

The session was super relaxed and light hearted and we both laughed throughout it which I think really shows in the mood of the photos she has taken and wow is all I can say about the final photos that I received last week. The photos are so artistic & really capture the intimacy and connection between me & my baby and I cannot stop looking at them in almost disbelief they are photos of me.

For anyone thinking about having a prenatal photo shoot with Deanna I would say 1000% do it, you really will not regret it. I am now patiently or not so patiently waiting for baby to arrive and will be straight into the studio with baby when restrictions allow for our newborn photos.

Thank you Deanna, you are an absolute wizard with a camera and a true professional in your field. "

Kathryn xx