So what am I paying for?

When you book your newborn experience with me, it is exactly that, a once in a lifetime experience with your new baby.

This is so much more than just pushing a button and taking a photo.

When you think of the amount of money we all spend on makeup, getting our nails done, our hair, eyelashes, things that don't last, yet we spend over the years thousands of pounds, treating our self, so we feel good.

I am exactly the same!

How good do you think having stunning images of your new baby will make you feel?

How do you think you will feel in 2 years time, 5 years time, 10 and 20, when your tiny baby has grown into a toddler, a child a teenager, an adult?

These images will be priceless to you, memories, emotion every time you look at your images, you will be right back there to when you had just had your new baby. You will remember that love, that feeling, those new baby smells.

You will find cheaper photographers around I can promise you that, but you have to ask yourself, why are they cheaper?

I only offer you & your baby the very best, from the minute you book with me.

The experience itself, how I will pose your baby, the props I use for your baby, the viewing of your images and the stunning quality products I have sourced for you, that are not available on the high street.

Experience, quality and training are what often defines pricing in photography.

I am currently one of the most highly qualified newborn photographers in the area and I also hold a newborn safety certification.

But what does that mean?

Can I have some more information please

It means I know how to pose your baby safely, it means your baby's comfort and safety are my top priority, I know how to sooth and comfort your baby if needed. I will never force your baby into positions they don't want to be in, I will never leave your baby unsupported and risk an injury. I will only work with your baby and do poses which I feel are safe.

My props are all of a high quality which means they will look great in your images but more importantly your baby is going to be super comfy.

I invest in myself, in my business to give you the best experience and images that you could hope for.
I will create images that are for you, I can even create a one of a kind personal piece just for you.

All of my products are high quality products that will last you a lifetime, and I even give you the digital copy also for your peace of mind because I believe in giving my clients the best.

What you are investing in is priceless, your memories, your baby.

You will have a lifetime of enjoyment from your images, can you say the same about the buggy, a meal out, all the little things we buy over the years, nothing will give you this much pleasure for years to come.

Your newborn experience includes the creativity and talent of the photographer, the time to plan and set up your session. Your session time, the time to clear away the set ups and wash any fabrics. The time to edit the images, I have my own signature way of editing to give your images that extra wow, this may take 3-4 hours, your viewing and ordering time. When you put all that together with the quality of images and products it really is Value for money and Value to you, as your baby grows, your images will become more and more valuable to you.

I have never had a parent regret having their newborn photographed, only regret not doing it.

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