Explore and capture the beauty of the soul, through creative portraiture inspired by nature.

Remember who you are!

The Art Of You capture's the essence of you and who you really are.

A creative experience that captures your soul essence, leaving you with powerful and beautiful images of the wonder that is you.

Celebrate all that you are you and leave your mark on the world by existing in print.

This is no ordinary photoshoot, but an empowering journey of self discovery!

Are you ready to be seen!

The Studio

Set in the beautiful Lincolnshire wolds, this is where the magic happens.
If you really want to make the most of your experience and take extra time for you, why not book into one of the local b&b's!

What's Included

Getting to know you Questionnaire
Mood Board Inspiration
1:1 Consultation including styling
Soul Capturing Session
Be seen Session
Reveal & HD Deep Matte Prints

Choose from 3 collections

Beauty of you
Soul Essence
The art of you

Starting at £999

Middle and *Top Collection include

Hair & Make up
Additional Prints
Wall Art
* Your Storybook

I never even noticed I had lost my Identity until I started photographing creatively in Lockdown.
I felt an immense urge to create a set of portraits, I didn’t know why, but they would wash over me randomly throughout my day.

Even after I created them I still didn’t know why.

Until I looked at them and I could see it was how I was feeling, it then hit me like a truck that I had forgotten so much about myself before I was a mum, wife, photographer, fur baby mum.

Before all of that I was me, Deana simply that.

Care free, dreamer, adrenaline junkie, lover of animals, nature, the sea, the everyday magic that was always around me, long summer days, painter, reader, thinker, believer.

Where had I been, how had I lost myself, how could I have forgotten who I was, is that even possible?

Those creative portraits woke up the Deana in me that had long been forgotten, they woke up my soul.