who I am & why I love my little business

I love my holidays & will proper sulk if my husband suggests we holiday at home this year. I first went abroad when I was 16 to Turkey & that was it absolutely hooked. When I go on holiday I feel alive & when I return to Turkey(nearly every year) it feels like home. I love being outdoors, love camping & walking barefoot on the beach. I actually think(if weather was always good) I could quite happily live outdoors & give up all my luxuries that we have at home & live a simple life. I love reading & books, love animals & have always been fascinated by photos, to this day I still think its crazy how I can literally take a moment in time & gift it to you forever.

I've jumped out of a plane, skied a red run without ever learning how to ski or more importantly stop, spent my summers on speed boats(which often broke down) & water sports & used to own a motor bike.

Then my little Ella came along & that was that, bye bye motorbike & hello new love. So in actual fact it is completely Ella's fault that I became a newborn photographer because she was just so amazingly beautiful I just couldn't stop photographing her.

That is how it all started, by the time I had, had my little Lila & Louis only 18 months apart photography was a big part of me. I loved it so much, was pretty good at it so thought it would be a great idea to be able to do it for other people.

I just didn't realize how much I would actually love my little business, how much I would love being a newborn photographer & I had no clue how amazing it would feel to see parents melt at their photos, be so happy & thankful & I did that, I mean that's a really good feeling.

I have even had one or two dad's cry when they see their images.

I literally put my heart & soul into my business, into your sessions. I love creating wow images for you all. I just love that I get so many baby cuddles all the time, I just don't care if your baby has weed on me, I just love babies. I love seeing people happy.

People come back for more photos or with baby number 2 & it becomes like a second little family, I go by 2 names in the studio now baby whisperer and aunty Deana :)
Deana Louise Hewitt AMPA