You will be sent a contact upon booking which you will be required to sign

1. Booking fee needs to be paid in full at time of booking, if you have not paid this within 24 hours then your booking time will be offered to somebody else if needed and your booking is actually not secured until this has been paid. Booking fee is non refundable, if baby is unwell you can re-schedule but if you change your mind for example you will not be entitled to a refund.


1. If you need to re-schedule your session due to illness or otherwise, you must give as much notice as possible but by a minimum of 7am on the morning of your session. Failure to do so will result in your booking fee being taken as a late cancellation fee and will not be deducted from your order.

2. If your child is unwell, please re-schedule your appointment, as you will not get the best from your session and because I work with newborn/baby's if passed on to me I then can not work as risk of passing it on to others.(please see covid policy below)

3. Please arrive 10 mins early of your session appointment, I do understand that leaving the house with a new baby can be difficult but if you are later than 15 mins for your session, this time may have to be deducted from your session time.

4. Absolutely no cameras, camera phones or videoing is allowed in the studio. If you do try to take photos or videos then I have the right to terminate your session with no refund or images shown.

5. Saturday and Sunday appointments are currently unavailable.

6. You will be required to return for your design consultation in person, no online option is available. Please ensure you are willing to return to the studio to do so.

7. All orders are placed and paid for at your design consultation. If you are opting for an instalment plan, you have the option to pay across 3 months only. You will be required to pay your first month payment at your design consultation. If payments are late and fall over the 3 month period you will be charged a fee for every 7 days your payment is late

8. Your design consultation is included with your session, if you do need to re-arrange for any reason, please give at least 24 hours notice, if notice is given later then 7am on the day of the appointment, a charge of £49 will apply to arrange another, this will need to be paid in advance of your appointment.

9. Only 2 adults are allowed in the studio at one time.

10. When attending your newborn session, if you require siblings to be included please bring them along at the end of the session as this is when I will photograph siblings. Having young children in the studio during a newborn session can be very boring for them and can be a distraction, which could lead to a not so successful session.

11. Please fill out your pre session questionnaire as soon after booking as possible, this will help me plan out your session & tailor it to you. If I do not receive your questionnaire back in good time, I may not be able to meet your requests as sessions are planned out in advance.

12. Please note that every photographer has their own style, what you see in my portfolio are the style of images you will receive from your session.

13. If you have booked a cake smash and your child does have allergies, it is your responsibility to inform me at time of ordering your cake.

14. Your Images will be kept for a limited amount of time. After 8 weeks they will be archived, there is a £99 fee to retrieve them which will need to be paid by you, the client.

15. If after several attempts of arranging your design consultation, I have no response, your images will be archived, there is a £99 fee to retrieve them which will need to be paid in advance of your design consultation. if you then wish to view your images. This fee is an additional fee and not deducted from your order.

16. You understand that your photographer may be my assistant (excluding bump & newborn)

17. Please note orders/images can not be kept without a payment plan set up and a minimum of 25% of total paid upfront.

18. If you fail to pay or keep up with any payments you may be at risk of losing your images and any part payments made. Although every effort is made to accommodate plans and be flexible if needed, I can not wait for weeks and months to be paid for sessions completed.

19. Your data will be kept on file for up to 24 months, if you would like it removed please email me

20. Please keep small children away from studio lights, camera and other equipment, these are very expensive, any damage or breakages will need to be paid by you.

21. All images remain the property and copyright of Deana Louise Hewitt of Images of Life Photography, Images are for personal use only and not to be used for commercial reasons.

22. Images of Life are not responsible for the colour or quality of any print or product you choose to have printed elsewhere. Only by ordering through Images of Life Photography can I guarantee the colour & quality of print/product.

23. Any Digital Images provided by Images Of Life Photography are Copyright, therefore any altering or editing of images by you the client is prohibited.

24. Digital images are non refundable once received as with products. In the rare occasion that your product is faulty a replacement will be requested.

25. Images of life photography do not provide you, the client with any raw files or low res files.


27. Archived files will only be available for 6 months, if after this time you have not placed your order they will be deleted.

28. The number of Photographs in Gallery will vary from session to session. We will take into consideration any specific requests as regards the contents of Gallery, but we retain absolute discretion regarding: (a) which Photographs we include in Gallery (it being acknowledged that not all Photographs taken during the Photo Shoot will be included); and (b) the application of any digital editing to any Photographs.

29. Requests you make for specific corrections to images, or re-editing of images, may attract additional costs. We also accommodate specialist or bespoke requests for retouching of Photographs at additional cost. We may need to refer certain retouching services to our third party partners. We will advise you of the costs upon request.

By booking your session with Images of Life Photography you agree to the above terms.


During this covid 19 pandemic some temporary new measures have been put in place following government guidelines to ensure the safety of my clients & the photographer,
by booking your session with Images of Life Photography you agree to these extra measures.

1. Please report immediately if you have any symptoms and re-schedule your appointment
2. I will re-schedule your appointment if I have any symptoms
3.Please wash hands before you leave your house
4. Please anti bac your hands on arrival
5. Please do not touch door handles etc, I will open the doors for you
6. Re-schedule if you have any signs of illness
7. Shorter session times will be in place & some poses/set ups will be unavailable during this time
10. Report immediately if you test positive after you have been to me so I can self Isolate. I will equally contact you if I test positive.
11. Sessions will be well spaced out to allow for cleaning and no crossover of clients, so please take this in to consideration as it means less sessions will be available.
12. Only 2 adults allowed in the studio & must be from the same household.
13. Parents will be required to put older babies in position as much as possible to limit contact
14. I will still be posing newborns and young babies as it is impossible to do this properly otherwise, I will use anti bac throughout if you are not happy with me touching your newborn, it may be best to re-schedule for when the baby is slightly older or I can show you what to do but you accept your images will be slightly different to normal.
15. Please take any waste away with you
16. Please bring your own refreshments during this time
17. Please note that some prop requests/colours may be limited at this time
18. If you have booked a session with me and we go into lockdown, your booking fee will be transferred to a later date that suits, you will not loose your booking fee.