Why Products?

Part of being a photographer is not only ensuring you have a great experience and receive wonderful photographs but to source the best quality products that are available for you to display your beautiful images.

I want my clients to have the complete finished product as it should be, I would not be doing my job properly if I just gave you a usb with digitals.

After all you wouldn't invest in a brand new car and spray paint it yourself, would you?

Many of these products are only available to professional photographers, so you just wont be able to get anything like these anywhere else.

Suppliers know that professional photographers are fussy, we will see any minor flaw if there is one, we will pick up the products, hold them, feel them, and ask a million and one questions about the quality, the paper choice, the materials. We know that you can buy a cheap print for 50p on the high street, we also know it wont last, it will fade, it wont feel the same and the colours and density will unlikely match our artwork.

I don't just want you to have ordinary I want you to have extraordinary, I want you to sit and hold and feel and see the beauty that I see when I look at the products that I have chosen for you, I want you to have what I can have.

These products are made to last, my albums have a guaranteed binding promise on them, my platinum range are archival certified, which means it will last, it will be around and still look as amazing in over 50 years time.

Now if you think, well its how I think when it comes to my children and photographs, they are important in documenting our lives, in showing our story. As a child myself I used to love looking through albums and shoeboxes(thank god we have better ways to showcase our images now) full of images of people I knew some I didn't. My children now equally love looking at photographs, turning the pages of albums, remembering and quite often laughing.

Now imagine a world without that, a world with no albums, no real photos, no pictures in frames, just a stick. A stick that over time will corrupt or if it doesn't we wont have anywhere to put it to view the images because technology is forever changing.

Its a pretty grim thought, I want my children to exist in print.

These products are an investment, you are going to have them for years to enjoy, I cant turn back time but I can preserve your memories through photographs.

If you work out how much these products cost now to the lifetime of enjoyment and happiness you will get from them, its less than pennies.

Photographs value with age, because the older we get, the older our children get & they will become more valuable to you then, then the day I took them.

Lets bring back photographs, bring back albums and keep our memories alive!

Product details & why I have chosen them

Storia, storytelling for newborn

Storia (Italian word for story) has been designed to bound together the unique pictures of babies’ first days, creating a series of volumes ideal for the
classic trilogy “maternity – newborn – first year”.
Wood Fiber with hidden magnets to align and lock multiple box together.

Suede cover Suede represents the perfect mix between the nobility of leather and the versatility of cloth. It’s a microfiber that earned huge success both in the fashion industry and design. Extremely soft and resistant, it perfectly suits each curve and fold of the object it covers, while remaining smooth and close-fitting.
The sleeve of Storia hides a little feature: magnets are merged into the structure and can keep tightly together two or more volumes!
Wrap up with a white shabby wood fibre finishing, the sleeve is tailor made on the book size.

Quite simply I fell in love with this product when I visited the factory in Italy where this is made, I love books, so for me this was the absolute perfect product to display the chapters in your baby's life. I guarantee you will pick this up, stroke the front of it, look at the beautiful pages & you will still be holding it, without even knowing because you wont want to put it down.

No 1 Best Selling Product

Reveal Box is a new concept, a product literally unavailable until today, capable of turning a box of pictures into a frame where subjects can be changed at will.
Each Reveal Box is hand-made by skilled craftsmen and is enriched by high quality materials.

The Reveal Box offers a wide range of colours in leatherette
The sateen ribbon is available in 28 colours.
It is therefore possible to create a chromatic combination by matching or contrasting the colour of the material chosen.

On my annual trip to Italy this was one of the first products I discovered & I absolutely loved it, so unique & the fact that I could change the front image over & enjoy a different Image as often as I wanted was just amazing. The print quality is like nothing I had seen before. needless to say, this is now my no1 best selling product!


Similar to the vintage sketchbooks of the 19th century French artists, the Portfolio elevates the concept featuring a soft-pouch that accommodates the mats. Elegant, minimalist and warm, this artisan creation is hand-sewn with extreme care to detail.
Customizable by laser engraving or UV overprinting, the Portfolio is an iconic product for the artist as it moves away from cliches and mass produced products.

Finishing and materials
Handcrafted using the finest materials with amazing attention to detail which is evident in every stitch.
Available in a wide range of colours
The soft, luxurious feel creates a sleek and elegant Portfolio to accommodate the mats.

I just love how this product feels and looks, this is a true heirloom product, the hand stitching & finishing details make this a very popular but unique choice
a definite talking point when friends & family come over

Almalfi panel

Pure art

The Amalfi Panel is a unique work of art, classy and elegant.
A piece of design that frames the HD Fine Art archival print with a handmade cotton Amalfi Paper mat. The perfect fit in any modern as well as classic interior.
The vintage deckled edges drop a subtle shadow to create a 3D effect to highlight the picture frame.

The deckled edges of the Amalfi paper are made through traditional procedures.
The cotton pulp mixture is filtered and spread on the screen, manually, sheet by sheet; this is an ancient art, back from a thousand years ago.

A medieval technique, a long standing heritage

The beauty of manual procedure, propagated overtime from generation to generation.
A romantic flavour from past centuries revives now with a state of the art printing technology.

For me its the history, the deckled edges & the complete uniqueness of this wall product that makes me love it!

Mega Mats

The Mega Mats bring the art gallery experience directly to your home. The accurate printing technology and the hand made archival mat will decore and adapt to any interior design, ready to be framed. Your stunning portrait will proudly towering over anything else!

The Print quality is simply the best, this is a great way to have beautiful artwork displayed on your walls at an affordable cost, you just need to find a frame you love

Framed Canvas Museum Grade(Platinum range)

A truly timeless fine art wall piece. Our archival pro canvas is first hand stretched around our exhibition pro bars then set into the custom made deep frame to create a floating effect.
The canvas bars and deep wooden frame moulding are constructed by our craftsmen ensuring this is a heavyweight product made to impress.
Deep Frame in black, brown or white
Hi-definition 12 colour giclée printing
Fine art UV varnish for added protection and light fastness (no need for glass)
Inks certified for 100+ years
Professionally framed and finished

This piece of wall art really has the wow factor, I remember when my sample of this first arrived, I just could not stop looking at it. It really is something else.
When my clients come to the studio and see this, they are truly wowed & often describe it as a painting.

Memory Box

This gorgeous memory box can be personalised & nestled inside are all your gorgeous HD Lustre prints from your session along with a usb with your digitals

New! Pro Canvas & Acrylic(Platinum range)

These are beyond stunning, if you love quality, luxury products then you will love these.
Archival certified 12 colour HD printing giving a museum like quality. The acrylic is anti glare & the cotton canvas(bottom image) is like no other.

I chose these products as they really are the height of luxury, there is nothing like this available on the high street
the sheer quality is superb, a real work of art.

So above are just a few of the products I have chosen and why, I have visited the companies several times that make these products, in fact my lovely Italian company I have visited every year for the last 3 years.
I have seen the work that goes into these products, I have seen how each one is handmade with love, I have seen the skill & all the beautiful materials that are used & I have picked out the best ones for you.

All you have to do is choose your favourites.

All of the products are available to view at the studio, if you decide after looking, holding & feeling these beautiful products you only want digital, well that's ok the choice is always yours

I love the product options, can I book in my due date