Why Products?

Part of being a photographer is not only ensuring you have a great experience and receive wonderful photographs but to source the
best quality products that are available for you to display your beautiful images.

I want my clients to have the complete finished product as it should be, I would not be doing my job properly
if I just gave you a usb with digitals.

After all you wouldn't invest in a brand new car and spray paint it yourself, would you?

Many of these products are only available to professional photographers, so you just wont be able to get anything like these anywhere else.

These products are made to last, my albums have a guaranteed binding promise on them, my platinum range are archival certified, which
means it will last, it will be around and still look as amazing in over 50 years time.

Now if you think, well its how I think when it comes to my children and photographs, they are important in documenting our lives,
in showing our story.

As a child myself I used to love looking through albums and shoeboxes(thank god we have better ways to showcase our images now)
full of images of people I knew some I didn't.

My children now equally love looking at photographs, turning the pages of albums, remembering
and quite often laughing.

Now imagine a world without that, a world with no albums, no real photos, no pictures in frames, just a stick.
A stick that over time will corrupt or if it doesn't we wont have anywhere to put it to view the images because technology is forever changing.

Its a pretty grim thought, I want my children to exist in print.

Photographs value with age, because the older we get, the older our children get & they
will become more valuable to you then, then the day I took them.

Just a few of my most popular products


If you love books you will love the storia, personalised and in a choice of cream or dusky pink suede covers
Inside are 10 pages of beautiful Hd Deep Matte images.

Comes complete with a white wooden sleeve with a hidden magnet so you can add
further chapters of your baby's life.

Includes your digitals


No 1 Best Selling Product

My No 1 Best Seller

When you see this product you will understand why, a showpiece with the ability to switch over your images, so you can enjoy your
memories everyday. Handmade with a choice of 40 colours, included inside are 10 Hd Deep Matte Prints.
Includes your digitals



A stunning piece to display your artwork, nestled inside are 10 HD Deep Matte prints, handmade, hand stitched, with
a choice of 40 colour options.

Includes your digitals


Framed Prints

Choose from these beautiful frame choices, professionally made, printed and sealed

Starting from £199

Wall Art (Platinum range)

If you are wanting a true work of art than my platinum range is the choice for you.
Archival certified and museum grade pieces, printed on the finest materials with the best quality inks.

These really are the height of luxury, there is nothing available on the high street that can even compare.

Starting from £599

Memory Box

This gorgeous memory box can be personalised & nestled inside are all your gorgeous HD Lustre prints
from your session along with a usb with your digitals


Digital only


So above are just a few of the products I have chosen and why, I have visited the companies several times that make these
products, in fact my lovely Italian company I have visited every year for the last 3 years.

I have seen the work that goes into these products, I have seen how each one is handmade with love, I have seen the skill and
all the beautiful materials that are used and I have picked out the best ones for you.

All you have to do is choose your favourites.

All of the products are available to view at the studio, if you decide after looking, holding & feeling these beautiful products
you only want digital, well that's ok the choice is always yours


If you love the products and would love a combo of digitals, product and/or wall art then my collections
give you great value.

I love the product options, can I book in my due date