Your Authentic guide to newborn photography

Do you want to become a newborn photographer?

If the answer is yes then this pdf guide will help you on your journey to become a newborn photographer.

Treat this as your business bible, to help you focus and understand what you need to become a great newborn photographer. Learn everything you need to know about newborn safety, posing, equipment, lighting, props, poses and much more


So who am I ?

I have been a professional newborn photographer for over 6 years.

I have an associate level in Newborn Photography, as well as a newborn safety certification. I have also won over 30 awards for my work, but!

I started off with a few basic bits, which I put into the back of my tiny old car and traveled to new parents homes.

I wasted loads of money, made loads of mistakes and stumbled my way through, trying to find any information on how to not only become a newborn photographer, but how to run a newborn photography business.

So I have put together this guide for anyone who is just starting out, sruggling, feeling lost, or thinking of becoming a newborn photographer.

It has everything you need to know, have and think about, when becoming a newborn photographer.

Think of this as a comfort blanket for your business.

I have learnt from my mistakes and I have created this, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

So whats included?

Newborn Safety
Newborn Training(includes a little surprise)
Finding your Style
Costs & Pricing
Preparing Parents for the session
Online or Ips
Digital vs Product
Business Plan

Introductory price of only £19
Usual price will be £49

Introductory price finishes on 31.10.21

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