​​​​​​​There are lots of things I love in life & photographs are one of them, I mean how amazing is it that we can literally capture an image in seconds, an image of our newborn baby that we can go back and see them as a newborn whenever we like. A family member living elsewhere or a lost loved one, I mean it just deserves a big WOW, all of our memories can be stored & kept safe forever.

So what else do I love?

I love my holidays & will proper sulk if my husband suggests we holiday at home this year. I first went abroad when I was 16 to Turkey & that was it absolutely hooked. When I go on holiday I feel alive & when I return to Turkey(nearly every year) it feels like home. I love being outdoors, love camping & walking barefoot on the beach. I actually think(if weather was always good) I could quite happily live outdoors & give up all my luxuries that we have at home & live a simple life. I love reading & books, love animals & have always been fascinated by photos, to this day I still think its crazy how I can literally take a moment in time & gift it to you forever.

I've jumped out of a plane, skied a red run without ever learning how to ski or more importantly stop, spent my summers on speed boats(which often broke down) & water sports & used to own a motor bike.

Two loves combined in one, family & holidays, this is what I love the most & what I love to do the most. Spending time having fun with the kids & the hubby

Outdoors is my favourite place to be. no one else around, surrounded by mountains, birds, sun, sea & family. Perfect!

My fur babies, I know 2 are pretty big, but honestly soppy doesn't come into it. I have never known such loving dogs
Don't worry they will be snoring & being lazy so you wont even see them(you may hear the snoring though, imagine how a t.rex might snore & your half way there)

Babies, oh how I love them, even when I am covered in wee (baby's by the way not mine)
It doesn't bother me in the slightest, as you can probably tell :)



Quite simply, these little beauts right here, my gorgeous children.

Do you know how it feels to see your baby changing every day & wanting to slow it down?

Can you imagine not being able to remember how your baby looked when they were newborn?

Can you imagine missing your new baby as they grow older?

This is exactly how I felt, panicked & fearful that I would forget. That i might not remember, that I would miss my new baby as she grew.

Sounds crazy right, but that's exactly how I felt,
Before I had Ella, I had no idea I would become a photographer, I had a decentish camera at this point as I could finally afford one, but I used it just for holidays & occasions, I had no idea the impact my little Ella Bongo(don't ask why I called her that, but it stuck) was going to have on my life.

I just could not believe that I had managed to produce such a perfect little baby & I became obsessed with looking at her & every day I would see a slight little change & I felt panicked that I wouldn't be able to remember those details, the little faces she pulled, the baby hair & cute little thing she used to do with her mouth. I didn't want to forget, I wanted to always remember her like this & feel the feeling I had when I looked at her this small.

So that was it, My camera saved me, it saved my memories, my feelings, the moments.
I knew then just how important these photos were then & would be even more so in years to come.

So who are my sessions for?
* Parents who want to capture as much of their baby's life as possible
*Parents who love photographs
*Parents that don't want to miss a second
* Parents who love quality products
* Parents who love my style
* Parents who believe in quality over quantity
* Parents who want a qualified & experienced photographer
* Parents who want to come along to a cosy little studio & have a calm experience
So who are my sessions not for?

*Parents who want loads of photos in one session
*Parents that don't like my style
*Parents that just want a high street studio
*Parents that want light bright, colourful images
*Parents that aren't looking for a qualified photographer
*Parents that want a quick 10 minute service

A little bit of Love
Lorraine Huston recommends Images of life photography by Deana.
April 23 at 10:50 PM ·

"I was unable to have my newborn baby photographed in the early weeks as we were in and out of hospital but at 6 weeks we had a first baby photo shoot with Deana. It was an amazing experience, she instantly made us feel at ease and it felt such an intimate and special experience. You could tell that Deana just adores babies and just seemed to have the knack of getting Joshua to relax and smile. Deana was able to create beautiful photos that still had that newborn baby look despite Joshua being 6 weeks. I would highly recommend Deana and will definitely be using her services again in the future. Thank you Deana for our wonderful photographs which we will treasure forever."

The Studio otherwise known as the"Baby Maldives"

I have a cosy, relaxing home based studio in Lincolnshire Wolds, which is full of gorgeous props and accessories to use throughout your session.

My aim is to create beautiful images for you to cherish forever and for you to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

This is where the magic happens, my happy place, this is where I create memories for so many family's, this is where I create more than a photograph but a little piece of art & love of your baby. It is the start of documenting your baby's story through pictures!

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