Photography basics for beginners

Buying a dslr camera and then not knowing how to use it can be pretty frustrating and then we find ourselves sticking it on auto and never using it to its full potential and worse still missing out on those every day images with our children or grandchildren. I mean of course I am going to say use a professional photographer for those special occasions, new baby, 1st year etc, as these images will have such a different look & feel that just wont compare, but lets be honest your not going to want me hanging around all year catching the in between moments. Rocking up on xmas morning to photograph your kids opening their presents & tagging along on holiday with you(I mean I don't mind really any excuse for a holiday).

Seriously you will want to photograph your kids, pets, what ever your loves are throughout the year not just once or twice a year when you go to a studio.
This is your history, document it with decent photos, not bad ones or phone pics that just stay on your phone.

This guide will teach you what you need to know to use your camera, I have tried to strip some of it back to simplify & show you what the most important parts are, use the guide, look at the example photos, take notes & before you know it you will have images you will be proud of.

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Your guide is in pdf format, and will be emailed to you, enjoy xx


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