Outdoor sessions

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These sessions include a teepee setup also if you wish, floral setup is available for little girls.
These outdoor sessions are for all ages, sitter above if teepee set up wanted.

Social distancing will be maintained at all times, using my long lens.

You will receive a guide on what you will need, what is best to wear.
30 Min session
Teepee Set up
Bring Teddies & Bubbles
Choose from Prints, Digitals & Wall Art
Starting at £199

Best Friends !

These sessions are Limited Edition!

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We have been through such a tough time this year, something that I could never of imagined would ever happen.
Family's locked down, not being able to see parents & other members of your family, not being able to celebrate the birth of your new baby & show them off to family.
New parents stuck at home without the support of friends & family, not being able to share the cuddles & milestones your baby has probably gone through in this time.

Maybe your baby got their first tooth, learnt to roll, learnt to sit up or walk all of these changes have likely happened in someone's life

During this time, what good has come out of it?

You have spent more time with the kids, your partner, picked up that book, learnt a new skill, baked more, played games & held your loved ones just a little bit tighter.

Now if ever is the perfect time to document that bond, that love & have some happy memories of the people you love.

These Limited Edition outdoor sessions are to celebrate just that, memories, memories of you, your family!

Beyond beautiful images
Wonderful experience
30 min session
Welcome guide
Lifetime of memories
You choose how you want to display them

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