I am pleased to inform you that the studio will be reopen for newborn session's from the 4th July 2020, please be aware some changes & restrictions will temporarily be in place

Your Newborn Experience

Capturing the essence of new life!

Your new baby is unique & so should your images be, I don't offer run of the mill Images, but a beautiful selection of images that are tailored to you & your baby.

These images will make you smile, make you cry, make you proud, make you love all at once just by looking at them, you will be back at that moment when your little baby was a tiny newborn.

Bringing my authentic love of the beauty of nature & the beauty of new life to give you
simply the best experience & artwork possible of your baby.

What you will receive are authentic, unique images encapsulating my love & wonder of nature & all things natural, combined with my love of newborns, two of life's most wonderful gifts.

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Newborn Session

£49 Booking Fee* Deducted from your Collection
2-3 Hours

Perfect Little Bundle
£49 booking Fee * Deducted from your collection
1 Hour

Your baby & you deserve the very best right from the props & accessories I use, to your experience & service I provide, to your enjoyment of viewing & choosing your images & choice of quality products. After all you are only going to have your newborn photographed once at this stage so I aim to provide only the very best for baby & you!

This is not just a photoshoot, but an exciting & enjoyable experience that you will only ever do once with your new baby.

So what's first?

Use the book an appointment button to find out if I have availability for your due date, once this is confirmed a £49 booking fee is all that is required to secure your due date in my diary. This booking fee is then deducted from your order. A pre-session
consultation is the next step, this can be in person or a quick call or via email which ever you prefer. This is so I can get to know you, know more of what I can create for you, what is important to you. Would you like a beautiful new family photo as well? are there any older siblings you would like involved? I want to ensure you have not just a photograph but authentic, beautiful images with meaning to you.
The images I will create for you will be genuine images, created in my studio, by me. I don't use purchased digital backgrounds that have been made by somebody else, so you will always have beautiful unique images to you. Every image that is taken & created is created for you by me.

So what can I expect?

Your newborn session is a wonderful experience, the studio(Baby Maldives) is a cosy calm environment for you to sit back, relax and watch your beautiful new baby being posed in beautiful props and super soft blankets and furs.

I use high-quality props, furs and blankets so your baby is always super comfortable. I have most of my props commissioned so I can offer you something different and unique.

The ideal time to photograph your newborn is between 5-10 days, so it is advisable to book your due date in after your 20-week scan to guarantee a place in my diary.

On booking you will receive a welcome guide, this will tell you a little more about what to expect as well as contain your pre-session prep. It does contain your colour palettes, if you wish to choose or you can just leave it with me to work my magic.

I will always include at least one signature brown Image and if discussed in your initial consultation a one of a kind personal piece with meaning to you.

Your session is carefully planned out before your session, ready for your new arrival.

My newborn sessions generally last around 2 hours but that does all depend on bubs, we will stop for feeds, cuddles.

I often have beautiful accessories commissioned specifically for me, which are designed to suit my style and work with my ideas. This is to ensure that I can give my clients that extra special touch, unique items that are not run of the mill and that every photographer is using.

Your baby's safety is paramount to me, and for you as parents I want you to feel confident and comfortable with me handling your new baby. Which is why I hold a NEWBORN SAFETY CERTIFICATION. (please see below)

If your still not sure, why not book a studio visit? You can meet me, ask any questions you may have, you can even choose your props & colour scheme in person with me & co create any one of a kind pieces you might like!

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So what happens after my session?

I will go through your beautiful images & select around 15-20 & edit each one in my unique style. Each image is edited to match each set up perfectly & you can expect to see some in colour and b&w. I have my own unique editing style that enhances your images beautifully.

You will be invited back to the studio usually around 2-3 weeks later to view & order your images. This is a super exciting time as well as quite often being very emotional. I want you to enjoy viewing your images which is why I invite you back to see how beautiful your images are. You are also able to see and feel all of your product options, all of which now come with a digital copy too, so you really do have the absolute best of both. It is my job to honestly help you choose the right products for you.

I believe in the power of print which is why I offer my clients tangible products not just digitals. Quality prints & products that will last and be enjoyed for many years to come.

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Popular Products

Your photography experience from the very beginning is important to me & I want every step to be an enjoyable one. I know we all like transparency, not just when it comes to what to expect but also on the things we wish to buy, so I have put together 3 main collections based on my best selling products, all of these collections contain all of your digital Images from your session, so you never have to leave any behind you have the peace of mind that the price you pay, you will receive all of the images beautifully edited from your finished gallery. All you have to do is decide on is which product's you love & want to go with them & how you want to showcase these forever memories.

You can of course have digital only

Only £499

Orders & Payment

You can pay in full on the day of your viewing session by cash, credit or debit card.
There is a three part interest free payment plan available for orders over £500.

Orders are ready for collection in 4-6 weeks following your final payment.

Product info

The collections will give you so much more than just a photograph or prints, they will give you a lifetime of memories & the feeling of love you have for your new baby. Every time you look at your images you will be able to see your baby as a newborn once again. I have products to suit all tastes & budget from standard to Platinum products you can have gorgeous Images & products that have been chosen by me from some of the best craftsmen in the world.

Wall Art
A choice of canvas, deep framed museum grade canvas, framed fine art prints and stunning orbs!

Not sure a full newborn session is for you?

If you are looking for less Images & a shorter experience take a look at my perfect little bundle, this brand new shorter session is at an introductory price of only £299 which includes your Images.

If your still not sure give me a call & we can work out which session is best for you.

Find out more

Please get in touch for a full range of product and collection options and prices to see which will best suit you!

When you purchase any of the HD Print products, not only are you getting the very best print quality, but you are also helping the environment as the lab utilizes eco friendly water based inks, which means less chemical disposal which heavily impact on the environment!

Your Words!

"Absolutely amazing! I’d recommend Deana to anyone wanting perfect photos! I’m so overwhelmed and happy with how they’ve all turned out, not only was she amazing on the day she’s put a lot of time and work in to make the photos absolutely stunning. So happy and grateful!" Jess xx

"Deana is such a warm, kind, friendly photographer as well as taking beautiful images. Her work definitely captures the magic of those newborn weeks and beyond" Maree x

"Thank you Deana for capturing precious memories of our baby boy at two weeks old. You made the experience very relaxed and enjoyable and were a true professional. Would highly recommend you & will definitely be booking you again to capture more special moments." Hannah x
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Reasons my clients choose me?


Because you want a highly experienced and qualified newborn photographer to photograph your new baby

When you come along to the studio, you will see for yourself just how much I love baby's & children. Parents can see my passion & love for what I do, you can read my many fb reviews which state how much I care and look after your baby. Your baby & you are important to me, I am highly qualified to an Associate level in newborn photography, which is the equivalent to having 2 Michelin stars. I also have a newborn safety certification which means I only use safe practices in my studio. I train every year. several times a year to ensure I am on top of what I am doing. I have photographed hundreds of newborns making me one of the most qualified & experienced photographers in the region.

Because you want Authentic meaningful images

I have my very own signature style that parents travel to me from all over because they love what they see and want artwork of their baby in my style. I offer a bespoke service to you & offer a one of a kind personal piece just for you if you request. I will capture the essence of new life with my unique style & love of nature. Bringing together the most precious gifts we have, our babies & nature.

Because you want a comfortable, relaxing studio experience for your baby & you

My studio is designed perfectly to photograph your new baby, it is a very calm and relaxing experience, for you and baby. I want this to be an amazing and exciting experience for you as new parents. I know it can be a little daunting doing something perhaps you have never done before or your not sure what to expect. I want your studio experience to be a homely experience for you, a completely safe space. I have everything here for baby, as I know how easy it is to forget in those first few weeks. I offer pre session consultations at the studio, this gives you the opportunity to meet me before your baby arrives and discuss your session, I can answer any questions you may have and you can get to know me a little better, so when you come back you will feel totally relaxed as we have already met & been acquainted.

Because you want to have the best possible experience

I want your newborn session to be a memorable and enjoyable experience, from the very beginning to the time you collect your beautiful images. It really is a one time only session with your new baby and I want it to be the very best experience for you. This is so much more than just a photograph, it is quite often your first time out as a new family, your session will be one you will never forget, the feelings you will feel as you watch your new baby being posed & photographed. The love & adoration you will have for your baby will be captured in stunning Images, that is unique art of your baby. You will have these images for life, you will love these images for life & when your baby is grown you will always have these images to love & feel & remember forever.

Because you want your baby's safety & comfort to be paramount

The newborn safety certification was introduced in April 2017 by the MPA to ensure that newborns are being safely photographed in the uk. What it means is that, your baby's safety is paramount and no risks are ever taken with your baby, composites are used when needed and your baby will always be supported and posed with the greatest of care. I know how to capture those wow images in the right way, without risking your baby's comfort & safety.Your baby's safety and comfort are my NO1 priority.

Because you want stunning images of your new baby & beautiful quality products to display them on

I have a stunning collection of props and beautiful fabrics and textures, which are all high quality so baby is super comfortable.
I have sourced beautiful quality products to display your images from one generation to another, the binding on my albums are guaranteed for 300 years. The Hd Deep Matt prints are guaranteed no fading for 100 years. I don't just give you digitals I give you stunning tangible products which include a digital copy also so you really do get the best of both. These products are not available on the high street, some of which you will never have seen anything quite like it before. The quality, the materials, the print finish, the sheer craftmanship that goes into these products is like nothing else. If products are important to you, these high quality products will reflect the significance of your experience.


Beyond beautiful Images of your new arrival!

Newborn Safety

Newborn photography is a beautiful art and I would encourage anyone who is expecting to have your newborn
photographed, but did you know that the newborn photography industry is not regulated. What this means is that anybody with a camera can claim
to be a newborn specialist. When you come to me I want you as parents to feel confident in me that I know exactly how to handle and safely pose your new little baby. I know how to produce the best possible images of your baby with beautiful props, textures and lighting. You really do get one chance to get your newborn photographer right as you wont be able to do it again if you are not happy with your images, it is even more important than choosing a wedding photographer, because like weddings you get one chance, but more importantly you are handing your baby over to someone you have likely never met and it is important that you can trust that person which is why I Hold My newborn Safety Certification to give you peace of mind that I am Highly trained and safety is paramount.

A photograph is not a photograph until it is printed