newborn Photography

The Newborn Experience

Your images are a very important part of your family & history, there is nothing better than looking at photographs to evoke memories and feelings.

Our babies are not babies for long enough, which is why I capture those precious first days, those cheeky little smiles and innocent faces, for you to look back on, to preserve a brief moment in time, that you will cherish.

These images will make you smile, make you cry, make you proud, make you love all at once just by looking at them, you will be back at that moment when your little bubs were still little bubs.


Newborn Sessions

£49 Booking Fee* Deducted from your Collection
2-3 Hours

Pre-session consultation in person or via email or telephone. This is so I can get to know more of what I can create for you, what is important to you. I want to ensure you have not just a photograph but authentic, beautiful images with meaning to you.
The images I will create for you will be genuine images, created in my studio. I don't use digital backgrounds so you will always have beautiful unique images to you.

So what can I expect?

Your newborn session is a wonderful experience, the studio is a cosy calm environment for you to sit back, relax and watch your beautiful new baby being posed in beautiful props and super soft blankets and furs.

I use high-quality props, furs and blankets so your baby is always super comfortable. I have most of my props commissioned so I can offer
you something different and unique.

The ideal time to photograph your newborn is between 5-10 days,
so it is advisable to book your due date in after your 20-week scan to guarantee a place in my diary.

On booking you will receive a welcome guide, this will tell you a little more about what to expect as well as contain your pre-session prep. It does contain your colour palettes, if you wish to choose or you can just leave it with me to work my magic.

I will always include at least one signature brown Image and if discussed in your initial consultation a one of a kind personal piece with meaning to you.

Your session is carefully planned out the day before, ready for your arrival.

My newborn sessions generally last around 2 hours but that does all depend on bubs, we will stop for feeds, cuddles.

I often have beautiful accessories commissioned specifically for me, which are designed to suit my style and work with my ideas. This is to ensure that I can give my clients that extra special touch, unique items that are not run of the mill and that every photographer is using.

Your baby's safety is paramount to me, and for you as parents I want you to feel confident and comfortable with me handling your new baby. Which is why I hold a NEWBORN SAFETY CERTIFICATION. (please see below)

So what happens after my session?

I will go through your beautiful images & select around 15-20 & edit each one. Each image is edited to match each set up perfectly & you can expect to see some in colour and b&w. I have my own unique editing style that enhances your images beautifully.

You will be invited back to the studio usually around 2-3 weeks later to view & order your images.

I believe in the power of print which is why I offer my clients tangible products not just digitals. Quality prints & products that will last and be enjoyed for many years to come.

Popular Products

Your finished gallery will have 15-20 images to choose from

Simply choose from one of the collections below at the time of viewing, your booking fee will be deducted from your chosen collection. You do not have to choose your collection now, all of the options are available to view at the studio, before you decide.

A choice of 3 stunning Collections starting at £399!

Collection 1

Mounted Prints with Digitals

Collection 2
HD Deep Matte prints in a stunning Italian reveal with Digitals

Collection 3
HD Deep Matte prints in a stunning Italian reveal with digitals, wall art & heirloom memory box

A La Carte

Wall Art
A choice of canvas, deep framed museum grade canvas, framed fine art prints and stunning orbs!

Beautiful Italian portfolios, with HD Matte Prints with digitals

Stunning handmade albums, from the best album makers in the world.

Please get in touch for a full range of product and collection options and prices to see which will best suit you!

So why should you choose me?


love what you do

I am A full time, professional photographer and I absolutely love what I do, I love baby's and children, It is truly my passion to be able to Produce beautiful Images that I know you will love and have to remember this amazing time, because we have all heard It a million times, but they grow up far too fast. I Invest heavily every year On training and purchasing high quality unique products and props because Its not just about taking A photograph, Its about the styling, My unique style of editing and the professional finish of the Image In print.

Authentic meaningful images

Life runs away with us and being able to capture these amazing Images, of your Baby So, So tiny. The tiny hands, The little baby hair on their skin, Is just precious. In 50 years from now It wont be the expensive buggy you invested in that you will remember, It will be your printed Images that you will get even more pleasure from than you did today.

Perfectly Designed studio

My studio is designed perfectly to photograph your new baby, it is a very calm and relaxing experience, for you and baby. I want this to be an amazing and exciting experience for you as new parents. I have sourced some of the best products that are available to ensure that you have a choice of quality products that will last!

Highly qualified

I am a highly qualified & experienced photographer and have received my Associate in Newborn Photography, I am currently the only photographer in the region that has this level of qualification in Newborn Photography. Associate is the second highest qualification a photographer can achieve, I also hold a Newborn Safety Certification, this means your baby is in the safest of hands.

Newborn Safety Certification

This New Certification was introduced in April 2017 by the MPA to ensure that newborns are being safely photographed in the uk. What it means is that, your baby's safety is paramount and no risks are ever taken with your baby, composites are used when needed and your baby will always be supported and posed with the greatest of care. I am only 1 of 3 photographers in this region that holds one of these.

stunning collection of props and products

I have a stunning collection of props and beautiful fabrics and textures, which are all high quality so baby is super comfortable.
I have sourced beautiful quality products to display your images from one generation to another, the binding on my albums is guaranteed for 300 years. The Hd Deep Matt prints are guaranteed no fading for 100 years. I don't just give you digitals I give you stunning tangible products which include a digital copy also so you really do get the best of both.

Beyond beautiful Images of your new arrival!

Newborn Safety

Newborn photography is a beautiful art and I would encourage anyone who is expecting to have your newborn
photographed, but did you know that the newborn photography industry is not regulated. What this means is that anybody with a camera can claim
to be a newborn specialist. When you come to me I want you as parents to feel confident in me that I know exactly how to handle and safely pose your new little baby. I know how to produce the best possible images of your baby with beautiful props, textures and lighting. You really do get one chance to get your newborn photographer right as you wont be able to do it again if you are not happy with your images, it is even more important than choosing a wedding photographer, because like weddings you get one chance, but more importantly you are handing your baby over to someone you have likely never met and it is important that you can trust that person which is why I Hold My newborn Safety Certification to give you peace of mind that I am Highly trained and safety is paramount.

A photograph is not a photograph until it is printed