From bump to newborn

Capture your beautiful bump and newborn with a bump to baby session.

Your body is doing amazing things, nurturing and growing your unborn baby. You may not always feel your best while pregnant & you most certainly will be feeling more tired & towards the last few months it feels like you have been pregnant forever.

I know I certainly felt that way, but that baby bump that grows bigger every week, that you talk to, that you hold and stroke, that you sing to and say night night before bed, well it won't be there forever.

Pretty soon your bump will become your beautiful new baby & as silly as it may seem now as you struggle to see your feet & struggle to get comfy at night and for me anyway, have an endless supply of Gaviscon by your bedside.

You will miss your baby bump, feeling the kicks & moving around & whilst I can't preserve those feelings of movement for you, I can preserve your memories & love you have for your baby bump.

The anticipation, the excitement of a new chapter in your life, the love for your baby bump captured beautifully in images that will emulate all those feelings.

Maybe your keeping the sex of your baby a surprise, so as you are reading this it's so exciting, you have a feeling it's a girl, but are you right?

Not long now before you find out, now imagine being able to have those feelings every time you look at your beautiful images from your bump shoot.

This is a super exciting stage in your life and I love capturing it for you.

Your bump session will take place from 28 weeks onwards, every bump is different so you may want to book yours for around 32-34 weeks.

Your bump session will focus purely
on bump and the beauty of pregnancy, I want every mum to be to feel confident in their body which is why my low key style will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

I will shoot a small variety of poses to beautifully capture bump, I will show you how to stand and place hands in a very simple yet effective way.

I want you to be comfortable and relaxed and most of all enjoy!

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Your newborn session will take place when baby is under 2 weeks old
and will generally take around 2 hours.

Every newborn session is tailor made to give you stunning images of your little one.

*please see the newborn page for full information on your newborn session

To book all that is required is a £99 booking fee which is deducted from your order

Collections start at only £699
Hd Prints & your digitals from both of your sessions

If you would like to know more, please do get in touch I am happy to go through in more detail what is involved in both of your sessions.

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