Are you trained and qualified?

Yes I am fully trained in newborn posing and I am one of very few who hold a newborn safety certification, I am a qualified LMPA master photographer and I have also won many awards for my work. I train regularly to ensure I
am on top of my art and that I can produce the
best possible images for all of my clients.

Why are some photographers cheaper?

Price often reflects on the experience and the quality of images you will receive, I like to think I have products to suit most budgets. I continuously invest in my business with ongoing training and have a beautiful selection of high-quality props, & unique items so you really do have stand out images of your little one. If a photographer is too cheap, it's quite likely that they have had no or little training, may not have insurance, & have limited experience and knowledge and will likely have limited props.

Based on my knowledge and experience my prices are extremely good value, all of my products are high quality, with the intent to last from one generation to another.

Whats the difference between your standard luxury newborn session and your organic newborn session?

The main difference between the 2 sessions is with the organic session your images will be more simplistic, there will be no tushie up poses or chin on hands or baby propped up in a bucket prop for example. There will be heavy use of white and cream fabrics and 1-2 simple prop poses and baby will likely be wrapped in the prop poses.
If you like the sound of both of the sessions then I highly recommend you go with my standard luxury newborn session and advice me when booking that you would like a mix of both as my standard session does allow for a longer time period in order to do a mix of both.

How long will my newborn session take?

This all depends on bubs as we will stop for any feeds, changes, but usually between 2-3 hours, unless you have twins then it will be longer. If you have chosen an organic newborn session this will likely be around 1.5-2 hours, but again this does depend on baby.

How many images can I expect to view in my gallery?

If you have booked a luxury newborn session you can expect to view between 15-25 images in colour & bw, an organic newborn session, expect to view between 10-15 Images in colour & bw. Sitter sessions & cake smash will be between 10-20 images and Bump 10-15 images.

What do I need to bring?

Extra milk if formula feeding, nappies, wipes and its an idea to bring a little snack also.

What if baby needs to be fed, changed?

Then we stop until baby is ready to carry on, I expect baby to want a feed at some stage during your session.

Can parents/siblings be included in the session?

Yes of course I will do these at the end of the session, please note that siblings will need to come along towards the end of the session, as it can take a while and they will get bored. So please arrange for your older child to come along a bit later.

Do I need to bring any props?

No I have everything we need for the session, use of all props are included in your session fee.

What if baby is grumpy/crying on the day?

I have lots of experience with newborns and will spend time soothing them if necessary, if baby really doesn't settle for whatever reason we would re-schedule for another day, but this has only happened twice, so please don't worry too much that baby wont play ball.

What should I dress baby in?

Please bring baby in a front opening baby gro, no vest.

Is there anything I need to do before the session?

Yes there are some simple steps that will help your session flow smoothly you will have a welcome guide sent to you upon booking which will contain your pre session prep, I will also run through this again the day before your session.

Can I choose poses/props?

I plan out your baby's session the day before if there is a particular prop or colour you would like me to use just let me know in advance. Not all babies will go into certain poses so please bear that in mind. From a safety aspect, some props/poses are only done if the baby is in a deep sleep, so it is important to understand this. It also depends on baby's weight as I have some smaller props and larger to suit all baby's. I have a gorgeous selection of accessories and you are welcome to have a look and choose any that you would like me to use.

What if I'm not feeling 100% yet from birth?

When you come along to the studio, it is a calm and relaxing experience, I will ask that you bring a partner/friend or family member along, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching your beautiful new arrival being safely posed.

Can I request a colour theme to go with our home?

Absolutely just let me know when you book and we will talk through the options.

How do I book?

Use the contact us or email deana@imagesoflifebydeana.co.uk with your due date, once this is confirmed a small £25 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your session.